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We work each day in order to enable more people to keep healthy and reduce their odds of developing diseases.

I belong to those who believe in the phrase “knowledge is power”. Potential power, of course, because if it is not applied it will be useless. With this page I try to conduct knowledge as a tool for the achievement of an objective: to keep or restablish health. With it, it is feasible to prevent several types of modern, non-communicable chronic diseases, like some cancers, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, autoimmune diseases, among others.

   Knowledge is useful before and after cancer, myocardial infarction, stroke or rheumatoid arthritis. It is useful to keep distance from not justified fears, for taking active part in the course of health or disease and for not being stacked in a passive attitude. It is useful to knock down false myths concerning health and to make consciousness. It is useful to know that sometimes certain deeply rooted habits must be modified, and to be able to make the right choices for the benefit of our own health and for the one of those who live with us. It is useful to take into account that an occasional dietary excess does not kill but an inadequate nutritional style can damage life in several ways. It is useful to recognize that a dietary planning to lose much weight in two months could be close to being ridiculous, but a lasting healthy style is one of the wisest things you can do.


Nowadays, health is an award to moderation and balance.







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