Private consultation via Skype in Videoconference mode

Now you can receive adequate guidelines or recommendations for prevention of several cancers and for optimizing the therapies through nutrition. This is the time to eliminate doubts and clarify concepts concerning the helpful role of nutrition.
There is a chance to have a professional specialized consultation on Nutrition and Cancer through the Internet using the Skype program (videoconference mode).
The consultation may be in English or Spanish.

The patient or interested person should enter the “Contact Us” section in the main menu, explaining her/his interest in having an on-line appointment. When we answer the e-mail, we will give the identification details for the payment and connection. The consultation fee is USD 100 (one hundred American dollars), and they should be paid through some international agency as Western Union, Money Gram, Xoom, for example. Once the giro is acknowledged, we will contact again the patient/interested person through e-mail, in order to establish day and hour of connection. In Uruguay, the Time Zone is GMT -3 (three hours before Greenwich Meridian Time). For example, Greenwich at noon (12:00) means that in Uruguay the time is 9:00 A.M.



Nowadays, health is an award to moderation and balance.






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