1990-1993 Assistant, National Cancer Registry, Ministry of Public Health, Montevideo. Responsibilities: coding of incidence and mortality cases, computerized data processing and analysis, quality control of information, descriptive epidemiological studies, technical and statistical reports for health authorities and colleagues, reports of epidemiological data to mass media, international mail redaction.

1993-2002 Vice-Director, National Cancer Registry. Responsibilities: Data analysis, quality control of information, descriptive and analytical studies, technical reports for health authorities, reports of epidemiological data to mass media.

1993-99 Head, Registry Center of PRONACAM (Programa Nacional de Cáncer de Mama, National Breast Cancer Program), Ministry of Public Health, Montevideo, under the Direction of José A. Carámbula, MD. Responsibilities: data coding, input, quality control and analyses, epidemiological advice and descriptive studies.

1996-97 Head, Unit of Medical Informatics, Imagenology Clinic ECOIMAGENES, Montevideo, under the Direction of Dr. William H. Fernández (dead 1997). Responsibilities: internal statistical studies, clinical epidemiology research on prostate cancer, development of application of artificial neural networks to imagenologic diagnosis.

1998-99 Epidemiologist, SCANTEK MEDICAL INC. (New Jersey, USA). Responsibilities: design and analyses of databases of on-going studies overseas (Latin America) related to the diagnostic device BreastCare . Epidemiologic and statistical analyses of screening protocols and validation of the product. (See webpage)

1997-2001 Epidemiologist, COMEF (Cooperativa Médica de Florida, Medical Cooperative Institution of Florida), Florida, Uruguay. Responsibilities: epidemiological and statistical study on cancer among the population in the Florida county, design of projects on prevention and cancer control in the Florida county, internal statistics of ONCOSUR ( a regional radiotherapy center in Florida).

1999-2003 Epidemiological advisor of the Uruguayan Society of Rheumatology. Responsibilities: design and analyses of databases of on-going epidemiological research projects on Osteoporosis.

2001-present Epidemiologist advisor, Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, School of Medicine, State University of Uruguay. Activity features: design and analyses of databases of on-going epidemiological research projects on, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and thyroid pathology.

2002-03 Deputy Director, National Cancer Registry, Montevideo, Uruguay.

2003-present Epidemiologist, Instituto de Radiología y Centro de Lucha Contra el Cáncer, Pereira Rossell Women’s Hospital, Montevideo, Uruguay. Responsibilities: analytic and descriptive epidemiologic research on breast cancer, focused on nutritional features of the population admitted to the Institute.

2004-present * Coordinator, Uruguayan Registry of Pediatric Cancer, Hemato-Oncologic Center, Pereira Rossell Children’s Hospital, Montevideo, Uruguay. Responsibilities: Update of a master database, statistical reports, survival analyses.
* Associated Professor, Dept. of Epidemiology and Scientific Methods, School of
Medicine, IUCLAEH (Instituto Universitario Centro Latinoamericano de Economía Humana), Maldonado, Uruguay. Responsibilities: Teaching Cancer Epidemiology to undergraduate students.
* Lecturer in Seminars on Methodology of Scientific Research, Courses for the Master
Degree in Mastology, Centro de Ciencias Biomédicas, Universidad de Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay

2008-present Nutritional Advisor, CGMed (Centro de Genómica Médica), Montevideo, Uruguay. Responsibilities: Nutritional risk assessment and counseling related to cancer, cardiovascular and other type of patients.

Nowadays, health is an award to moderation and balance.





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