My research activity has been mainly developed within the frame of cancer epidemiology, studying the role of nutrition, smoking, drinking, and environmental factors, but my main interest has been focused on the study of breast cancer. I have conducted or collaborated in descriptive and analytical epidemiologic studies also on osteoporosis, bone densitometry, cardiovascular risk, diabetes and obesity.

I have been working with emphasis in the selection of high- and low-risk individuals, in particular on breast cancer. In this sense, research and application of artificial intelligence programs and nutritional knowledge in the search and identification of high-risk subjects were my principal objective a few years ago, initially applied to breast cancer –innovative methodology in this field- but open to possible further applications in other cancers and also in other pathologies with high impact on health.

In the last six years I have been working on anthropometric measurements (body composition and somatotype) and the risk of breast cancer, towards the development of an individual breast cancer risk profile, tailored on a basis of nutritional as well as other selected relevant variables. My last research focused on a relationship among family history, blood Rh factor and breast cancer risk, opening a door for a potential new research line. I am exploring some interactions between family history of the disease and other inherited and environmental factors, as metabolic syndrome, hypertension and lifestyle.

Nowadays, health is an award to moderation and balance.





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