Expert in Nutritional Epidemiology of Cancer

1) Nutritional counselor
Advisor for the primary prevention of the most frequent chronic diseases, as well as for tertiary prevention (therapeutic optimization) in patients who were already diagnosed and treated .

2) Breast Cancer individual risk profile
We created this specialized report in 2003, based on the epidemiologic research performed in Uruguayan women since 1993, in order to modify the risks in healthy women and also to improve the prognosis in patients who were afflicted by the disease.
(See separated note)

3) Descriptive and analytic epidemiologic research
We collaborate with medical centers, institutions or with specialized workgroups, giving guidelines for every aspect of research, from the design to the communication of results.

4) Presentations and conferences
We make presentations to general or medical audiences about nutrition, cancer and related issues. Medical institutions and pharmaceutic laboratories are those who in general have taken profit from this working style.

5) Advisory in scientific publications
We collaborate in every formal aspect of a publication, from the specialized redaction to the review of medical monographies and degree works.

6) Active Researcher Level I
Member of the Nacional System of Researchers, Nacional Agency for Research and Innovation.

Nowadays, health is an award to moderation and balance.





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